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Baby Swimming Trainer Vest Non-Inflated

Baby Swimming Trainer Vest Non-Inflated

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Baby Swimming Trainer Vest Non-Inflated – An essential piece of gear for every parent!!!

The Swimming Vest is a super lightweight, super-easy-to-use vest. This incredible piece of gear helps and teaches your child how to swim.

The Baby Swimming Trainer Non-Inflated Float Vest is a great tool for parents who want to introduce their young ones to the water. Designed with a safety buckle to avoid flip off and comes with a removable UV-PROOF canopy and also air-free, so you don’t need to worry about leaking.

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Suitable for babies 3-24 months, 6-18kg/ 13lbs – 40lbs

climb float

Shark float with canopy :Add removable tail, Prevent baby from flipping backward.

Rocket swim ring


Armpit float Suitable for babies from 8 months to 3 years old.

3D cover

underarm float

Suitable for babies 2 years old – 5 years old, 12-28kg
Breathable 3D cover
The wings are detachable to allow the baby to learn to swim gradually.

Arm vest float

Suitable for 3 years old-6 years old (15-30kg)
Breathable 3D cover
The arms float and the back float can be used separately or as a whole.

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