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Great and simple!!

Premium Whitening Pen
Asma Chaudhry
Excellent Whittening pen

Shocking results
I’d recommend everyone to get it 😃

Didn't know I needed the tray and light!

Its in the title

It is convenient

I love the fact that it wireless and rechargeable. I can take it with me . Painless and easy to use

I like it

My friend bought me one to try. I don’t feel any sensitivity. Good product overall

Love this product

So affordable and the gel is gentle since I have sensitive teeth

Love ❤️

So easy and simple to use .. great result and no messiness

I like it

Tried it and it worked for me. i saw whitening result in 3 uses.

I bought 2

I bought 2 of these and delivery was fast. Got one for my BF and he likes it.

This thing works

I saw this whitening kits on line and decided to give it a try. It works great and I don’t feel any sensitivity. Great buy


This product is amazing, delivery was so fast came in 3 days! I have used the product 3 times now n cannot be more amazed with this, I have already seen major results n can’t wait to see more! Has not made my teeth sensitive at all, I definitely would recommend this!!


I absolutely love this teeth whitening product. It’s super easy to apply & only takes 10mins. My teeth are beautiful & white & I only use it twice a week to keep them nice & bright. No gum soreness or sensitivity at all. Best whitening system I’ve used.


It really works the 1st time will be buying again


I've been using this product for a few weeks now and my teeth a noticeably whiter

Love it

Love how it works with no pain and great results


It is simple and easy to use


I like it. Definitely worth the try :)


I like how effective this whitening pen and the led light. It is easy to use and see great result in 10 days

so convenience

it is convenient to use. just plug it and it is wireless. i can do anything and 16 mins then it is done. Love it

Good buy

the gel is so gentle and i dont have any sensitivity.

it is amazing

This is by far the best led device i ever seen. it definitely worth the money

love the pen

the pen is good. no messy. just paint and use the led for 16 mins with a build in alarm. i woke up with good result

I bought two

got one for my GF and she loved it. I saw amazing results myself. This kit is easy to use

so affordable

it is so much cheaper than going to dental for routine cleaning. love the result

it work

like it. it is great supplement