Who says you need to waste your time and spend an expensive fortune to whiten your teeth at the dental office?

Stay home and whiten your teeth with our dental-graded whitening kit for near-dental whitening quality for a steal of price.

Our powerful LED blue light accelerates the whitening serum to deliver a faster and better results while our dental-graded peroxide-free provide proven whitening without the pain, sensitivity and totally enamel safe. So you can still enjoy your favorite foods/drinks while experiencing the best result. Also our mouthpiece is BPA-free and designed for universal comfort. The kit is completely wireless. No wiring and cellphone needed. Just apply the gels, pop the kit in and wait 10-mins. Done. Simple, safe and Effective.

So, come and smile with us for 30 days. If anything short of your satisfaction. We will give you every penny back. This is our promise to you.