How the kit works

What’s included

 1 Wireless Dual LED Light therapy Device, Mouth Tray, 3 x Teeth Whitening Aluminum PAP+ Gels, Shade Guide, and Desensitizing Gels 

Getting started

Begin the treatment at night, by brushing teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes before use.

Applying formula

three whitening gel contains enough for 10+ whitening treatment. Twist off the cap, and apply 0.5 ML to the top and bottom of the Mouth Tray.

Beginning the treatment

Power on the LED Device by pressing the button, and place the device in your mouth. Leave in until the device automatically powers off after 10 minutes. Expel any excess gel and rinse mouth thoroughly with water.

Maintaining the device

Always separate the Mouth Tray from the LED Device before cleaning with water.